Teachers Tell Children To Paint On A Horse Instead Of A Canvas, Provokes Great Debate

Painting with colors and brushes is something that many people like, it is a way to express themselves and for creativity and flow. Painting on other things that paper is something that attracts a lot of attention, that’s why many children from a riding school in Brazil like the activity of the school: a painting on horses.


The activity has been repeated several times at school, as teachers see it as a form of creativity for children, and they can be close to animals and interact with them.

But when photos of painted horses began to appear on Facebook, a debate also started, and many animals became enraged, something that the removal school was not expected.

According to Global News, several animalists have shared the photo of a white horse full of paint and classify it as animal abuse.

“They had the brilliant idea of ​​placing the horse as a painting canvas, saying it would be a pedagogical activity, they said it was a rescued horse, but that does not justify, the cruelty is the same,” said Ana Paula Vasconcelos, a member of the NGO, to the newspaper O Globo, according to La Vanguardia.



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