Make your face mask in 5 minutes at home and save yourself

Then Fold Over And Sew Down The Edges, Then Make Pleats So The Mask Is Expandable.

Then Sew The Elastic (15 Cm) On Each Side To Hold The DIY Face Mask Over Your Ears.

This is a wonderful method, I made a bunch of them. So can you make your own face masks from fabric? Yes, you bet. They will not filter out as many airborne particles as the N95 respirator that medical workers use and some people were able to get their hands on. However, they might help a little bit, and can definitely assist in reminding us not to touch our faces, which is a major problem when it comes to spreading the coronavirus and other bugs.

I even learned how to make DIY hand sanitizer, too. Turns out you just need a few ingredients to make your own at home. If you can find the products in stores right now, making your own is definitely an option. There is even a version of homemade hand sanitizer without rubbing alcohol if you prefer that version or can’t find this type of alcohol to buy.




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