How to Get Your Kids to Wear the Right Clothes for the Weather

As your children learn to dress independently, help them consider the weather when making clothing choices for the day.

Dress for Success

My daughters love dolls. They have a number of them, and they love to role-play as Mom during their many doll parties. So when teaching them to dress appropriately for the weather, I let them practice dressing their dolls.

I make up scenarios. I tell them that Kendell (one of their dolls) has been invited to a party, but it’s going to be a cold winter day or a hot and sunny day. My children need to dress Kendell and bring her to me for inspection.

If Kendell is dressed appropriately, I tell my girls that she will be able to go to the party. Otherwise, she’ll need to stay home. Dressing Kendell appropriately teaches my children how to dress appropriately, also.

Fashion Forecast

One morning, my 7-year-old daughter wanted to wear sandals and a sundress, but it was 39 degrees outside. My first instinct was to say no, but instead I told her to step outside for a few moments before deciding. My children usually choose wisely when they have the freedom — and the right information — to make their own decisions. That day she chose to wear a fleece with her outfit. She was comfortable in the morning during the short walk to school. By the afternoon, the day warmed to 70 degrees, so she simply removed her fleece.





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