Help Your Kids Deal With Rejection

Not long ago, I sat at my daughter’s bedside and brushed her hair away from her stream of tears. The boy who’d promised to take her to prom posted a picture on Instagram of him standing in a circle of candles and roses. He held a sign that said, “Prom?” It was obvious that the beaming girl by his side had said yes.

He hadn’t even uninvited my daughter.

Now she had a broken heart, a hemmed prom dress that the store refused to take back and a mind full of hurtful things he’d said to her at school that day.

Rejection is awful. And every time it visits one of my kids, it’s worse than awful.

The Enemy loves to take our kids’ rejection and twist it into a raw, irrational fear that God doesn’t have a good plan for them. This fear replaces the truth of who they are in Christ with hopeless lies. And these lies, which stem from the rejection, hurt them over and over again.

As a parent, it hurts to watch the pain steal the best of who my kids are by constantly reminding them of the worst that’s been said or done to them. The more consumed they are by rejection, the less control they have over their emotions, logical thought and sometimes even actions.


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