Do Rebound Relationships Work Out? Why They Will and Won’t

The aftermath of a breakup is traumatic, particularly if it absolutely was when a semi-permanent relationship. It will leave you with a sense of loveless limbo.

Did you recognize consultants indicate that ninetieth of the rebound relationship fails inside the primary 3 months?

So ar rebound relationships ar unhealthy and unproductive? Or do they really estimate for the best? Here’s what some studies and consultants ought to say regarding the 2 possibilities…

The Purpose of a Rebound Relationship

A study by researchers at Queen’s faculty and also the University of Illinois in 2014 disclosed that rebound relationships serve an important psychological purpose. The results of the analysis disclosed that rebounds facilitate the recently broken-hearted to maneuver on and heal additional quickly than the ex-partners United Nations agency modify their breakup in their loneliness.

According to Teresa Didonato pH scale.D., folks that dive into rebound relationships pass through their ex-partners faster and feel additional assured in their ability thus far.

A rebound relationship:

  • Helps an individual with high attachment anxiety to server their emotional attachment to their ex-partners.
    Helps the ex-partner live through their anger at the ex and go on with their lives.
    Improves the person’s well-being and vanity.
    Provides solace, intimacy, and social stimulation throughout the healing method.
    Prevents unhealthy reunions with the exes.
    Gives the person a chance to work out what form of partner compliments them, that is not possible to try to toonce one is flying solo.
    Provides fellowship. A fling could also be what one must defend them from the loneliness that comes with being new single.
    Helps an individual recover quicker as a result of they feel additional fascinating.

Signs of a Rebound Relationship
How shortly is just too shortly to urge into a relationship post-split up? square measure you clear concerning the character of your current relationship? square measure you during all|one amongst|one in every of} the rebounds in a relationship?

To achieve this clarity, here square measure some signs to look at out for:

Get into a relationship shortly once a breakup
Many rebound partners feel that their hurt are going to be soothed if they realize the corporate of a replacement partner. One could, therefore, be living within the illusion of ‘moving on’ however in point of fact, they’re stuck within the pain of the previous relationship. consultants advocate awaiting a minimum of three to four months once a breakup to live through grief.

Date to create your ex jealous
Some rebounders could begin showering their attention on a replacement partner to create their ex jealous and boost their ego. The new partner is employed as a trophy to ‘show off’ to the ex.

Get involved with somebody casually; strictly for physical functions
The breakup from a semi-permanent relationship leaves one’s religion in relationships shattered. One could also be left feeling that each one romance finish in disaster.

As such, the person can get into relationships with ‘no strings attached’ tag. They become commitment-phobic, and that they get into relationships for the convenience of getting sex with a current partner.

Not honest along with your new partner that you simply have recently got out of a relationship
Are you feeling hangdog in an exceeding relationship? If you haven’t been honest concerning the very fact that you simply have recently shifted, you’ll be in an exceedingly rebound relationship.

You are in an exceedingly new relationship, however, all you’ll have faith in is your ex and your past relationship.

And to be honest, you’d well be back along with your ex. you’re feeling bitter even within the new relationship, and you pay a lot of time telling your current partner however life was along with your ex.

If this is often the case, then you wish to be open and honest concerning your true feelings.

Not extremely apprehend abundant concerning your current partner
Falling smitten involves the need to grasp your partner’s temperament traits and also the background to their past.

If you probably did not provide yourself enough time to heal, you’ll realize that you simply don’t apprehend abundant concerning your current partner. you’re simply happy to not be single.

Do Rebound Relationships Ever Work?
The chances of a rebound relationship having semipermanent potential square measure slim, and their square measure several reasons why they seldom finish well. That being aforementioned, there square measure things once a rebound relationship will work absolutely.

Firstly, bear in mind that in several circumstances, a relationship doesn’t finish night long. The breakup may need a return at the top of a protracted drawn out of method filled with pain and wounds. The partners were sad for quite whereas and also the relationship was dead long before it really complete.

The couple was in all probability solely reluctant to drag the trigger. during this state of affairs, the rebound relationship isn’t extremely a ‘rebound’ because the previous relationship was dead for a protracted time. The partners square measure over able to move forward if somebody with whom they will realize happiness comes on.

A Rebound Relationship Will Work If…

  • A partner is open and honest with the new partner about the recent breakup and the reasons for it
  • A partner knows with all certainty that the previous relationship is 100% over. They grieve it, but they don’t dwell in grief.
  • They are fully engaged in the new relationship. If the person is dating a new person out of love and openness, and they are not reacting to the loss of the old relationship, the relationship might just work.
  • If the previous relationship ended on good terms, one has a better shot at a rebound.
  • If the person is the one who ended the relationship, the rebound is likely to work. However, if the person is the one who was left, this may affect their self-image, making them more emotionally unstable.

When the Rebound Won’t Work
Like we’ve got already indicated, rebound relationships serve a purpose if they’re handled during a healthy manner. the foremost important risk for a rebound relationship is that it’s generally used as the simplest way of avoiding emotions and feelings sure up within the previous relationship.

A rebound can end terribly if:

  • One gets into the relationship expecting the new partner to make up for the shortcomings of the former partner.
  • One gets into a new relationship with chronic fear and anxiety that the new partner will treat them the same way the former partner did.
  • If one skyrockets the new relationship because they walk in with a false sense of urgency. They want to make it stick soonest possible so that it does not end like their former relationship.
  • If one moves into a new relationship without enough time to introspect. Every relationship offers numerous lessons, and it is healthy to take time and analyze your share of the responsibility in the failure of the relationship. If you got into a rebound too fast, there is a fair chance that you will make the same mistakes you made in the previous relationship
  • You are not really your true self. Depending on the nature of the breakup, one may enter into a new relationship an emotional wreck, and they aren’t really thinking clearly. They are vulnerable, and a new relationship will never work.
  • You get into the new relationship with too much baggage. A longtime relationship leaves a good amount of baggage that you need to clear and pack up before you can move on to something new. If you don’t confront your baggage, it won’t be long before your new partner is overwhelmed by your problems and you will be staring at another failed relationship.



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